Advanced driver assistance systems
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Driving into the Future: The Advancements and Benefits of ADAS Technology.

Driver Monitoring System
Driver Monitoring system

Acclivis Technologies provides advanced Driver Monitoring System (DMS) solutions that improve driver safety and reduce accidents through intelligent monitoring and analysis of driver behavior.

Smart Lighting
Smart Lighting

Application based wireless lighting control solution.

Machine Vision
Machine Vision

Acclivis Technologies leverages Machine Vision to empower businesses with real-time decision-making capabilities through advanced imaging, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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Acclivis Technologies research project for the development of the framework for Verification of Autonomous Vehicles got published in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) journal. The report is available at:   Acclivis is working with Florida Poly Technic University to develop a Test Suite and framework for Autonomous vehicle validation and testing.        Hardware development of Advance tracking platform having an interactive Audio interface for Automotive application.

Acclivis- A technology services partner of choice for global corporations and pioneering innovators

Acclivis Technologies is a product engineering & technology services company led by a team of highly experienced professionals. The Company is engaged in the business of providing product engineering services and works across the entire product development lifecycle, end-to-end solution design, and product re-engineering & also provides enterprise-level digital engineering services. Our Leadership team comprises of professionals with 2-3 decades of experience across Embedded, BSP, Machine Vision & AI, and custom development. Our leadership team has a collective experience of more than 200 man-years in product engineering services, having delivered custom solutions of varying complexity for global clients. Acclivis is a partner of choice for some leading corporations from the USA, Europe, and the Far East. Acclivis also serves some of the niche technology product start-ups led by pioneering innovators who seek to address the global markets with their next-generation technology solutions.

Industries We Serve


Experience the Future of Driving with Our Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

Consumer Electronics

Re-engineering of existing systems, hardware design, firmware design, BOM optimization and feature enhancement.

Security & Surveillance

Predictive Analysis, Behavioral Analytics, Object Detection, Incident Detection, Vision-based fire detection.

Medical & Healthcare

Firmware design, Camera based patient monitoring, Blind Assistance system, Camera based remote diagnostics.

Industrial Automation

System design, System Modelling, Sensor Integration, Motor Control systems, IoT connectivity enhancement.


People counting, Behavioral Analytics, Retail Analytics and monitoring, Crowd Monitoring.

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