Behavioural Monitoring
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Success Stories

Client Overview

US based security and surveillance company.

Business Challenge

Client wants to develop smart surveillance system that can detect anomalies in person’s general behaviour.

Acclivis Contribution

  • Full algorithm development.
  • Porting of the algorithm on targeted platform.
  • Optimization on target platform.

Product Features Developed/Supported by Acclivis

  • Algorithm searches for any anomaly in real time.
  • If anyone is found deviating from the regular pattern, the algorithm can be
    programmed to raise an alarm. E.g. – A person holding a weapon and running.
  • Algorithm can be programmed to detect various anomalies depending on their characteristics and accordingly action can be taken.

Tools and Technology

  • Image Processing | Visual Studio, OpenCV.
  • Deep Learning Framework | Caffe, TensorFlow, MATLAB.
  • PC Application Development | Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Project Management Tools | Gitlab, Bitbucket.

Client Benefit

The overall security is greatly enhanced without incurring huge expenses in overall infrastructure.

System Architecture