Cold Chain Management
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Success Stories

Client Overview

US based semiconductor vendor.

Business Challenge

  • Client was developing solution to monitor the temperature changes in fleet of cold storage trucks.
  • The solution should monitor the temperature changes in respective cold storage trucks and update the readings on cloud.
  • The solution should have a dashboard to monitor all the information along with GPS location of trucks.

Acclivis Contribution

  • Platform BSP Bring-up, Device drivers.
  • Senor Node firmware, Gateway Node firmware.
  • AWS based Cloud Application, Database, Dashboard Web UI.
  • BLE Protocol Design.

Product Features Developed/Supported by Acclivis

  • Remote Sensor node integration & acquisition over BLE connectivity.
    • Environmental sensors: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity.
    • Motion sensors Accelerometer, Gyro.
  • GPS based location information.
  • Sensor data publishing to cloud platform periodically.
  • Back server with below features,
    • Historical data storage over back.
    • Dashboard support.
  • User Interface Dashboard with below information.
    • Environmental sensor parameters.
    • Motion sensor parameters – Graph.
    • Google Maps view for tracking.

Tools and Technology

  • Firmware | STM32 Software Development Tool.
  • Cloud services | AWS IOT, DynamoDB, MQTT, AWS Greengrass.
  • Web application | Spring Boot and JSP.

Client Benefit

  • All the information is collected at central location gives better control to manage each fleet. The warnings are available to the driver as well as to the person monitoring the fleet. In case of any emergency the external person can also provide support to control the situation.
  • The data gathered can be used later for further analysis using ML and AI, which ultimately adds value to the service.

System Architecture

Cold Chain Management