Embedded Services

Embedded Engineering, over last couple of decades, has become an integral part of any product development cycle. It helps in converting an idea into complete innovative product in an efficient way. The presence of Embedded systems is very prominent in industries like Power, Automobiles, Healthcare, Analytical and Medical Instrumentation. Embedded system development starts from very basic platform development and ends with building embedded product software, including continuous performance tuning and optimization based on evolving customer needs.

Embedded Engineering Services

Acclivis offers end to end embedded solutions to its customers that includes and caters all stages of product life cycle. The offerings include embedded middleware, rich embedded system applications, and interactive GUIs which helps catering to wide section of embedded clients. Acclivis team has hands on experience experience in designing systems using Real Time Operating Systems, multilayer board design, micro controllers and many more.
Acclivis team continuously engages with hardware platforms from leading semiconductor vendors like Texas Instruments, Freescale Semiconductor, NXP, Atmel Semiconductor etc.
Acclivis provides turnkey embedded systems software development projects for new products, and provide discrete embedded systems development services for the existing ones.
Acclivis, through its rich experience in embedded, helps its client to consistently innovate without adversely impacting development time and cost, thereby positively impacting time-to-market with lower upfront investment.


  • Expertise in RTOS: Linux, OSE, QNX, VxWork WinCE, nSOS, Windows NT – RT, Nucles, RT Kernel, DSPBIOS, EPOC, ThreadX, OSEK.
  • Processor Expertise: Intel x86, ARM 7 DMI, Freescale, Renesas, Intel Network Processors Xscale Architecture devices, Intel controllers.


  • Telecom & Networking Protocol Development and Wireless Protocols.
  • BSP, Multimedia including Audio, Video, UART Imaging & Speech components, USB Firewire.
  • Automotive Networks/ Telematics.
  • BSP, Device Drivers, Firmware, Diagnostics, Boot Loaders.
  • Diagnostics: Hardware Initialization, POST (Power OnSelf Test), Diagnostics Development (development, production, field), Boot Loaders.


  • Consumer Electronics.
  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices.
  • Computers & Peripherals.
  • Motor Control System
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Telecom & Networking equipment.
  • Industrial System.