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Cloud computing has revolutionized the way enterprises manage, scale and process large-scale applications and derive value from data. A cloud environment leverages a shared IT infrastructure and reliable internet connection pool to enable users to use multiple apps, helping them solve workload challenges quickly and efficiently from anywhere through any device, significantly reducing computing costs. The elasticity of cloud technology, on-demand availability, high efficiency and IT capabilities are, additionally, driving companies of all sizes to adopt cloud services.

Acclivis Cloud Computing Services

  • Data Migration centre : Old and traditional applications are dependent upon infrastructure configurations that typically are difficult to migrate on public clouds and requires significant amount of work. Acclivis provides services to replicate an application’s complete on-premises environment so enterprises can rapidly migrate data centre workloads to desired cloud platforms.
  • Infrastructure Modernization : Acclivis teams can configure environment on Clients/desired cloud for quick shift of work, accelerating provisioning times and increasing infrastructure utilization. The team can also help in managing templates of complete application environments.
  • Process Modernization : Having access to instant, identical and production-ready environments eliminates configuration drift and provisioning bottlenecks, enabling application teams to focus on delivering higher quality code faster.
  • Application Modernization : Monolithic applications are rearchitected incrementally, using custom environments on cloud services to introduce cloud-native architectures and services without compromising core functionality.