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Success Stories

Client Overview

World’s leading home appliance manufacturer and vendor.

Business Challenge

  • Design and Development of a sewing machine product appliance for multi-variant product line.
  • Upgrading existing product lines to remain competitive in the market.
  • Reduced BOM to increase profitability.
  • Hardware up-gradation as the IC’s were nearing end of cycle.

Acclivis Contribution

  • Hardware Components Selection & Analysis.
  • Modular System Architecture & Design ( Hardware & Firmware ).
  • Rhapsody based model driven application development.
  • Motor Control System Engineering and Development.
  • System User Interface – design and development.
  • Electro-Mechanical Interface design & development.
  • Analog Signal Processing
  • BOM Costing and Optimization.
  • Firmware design and development.
  • Testing: Unit testing, Functional testing, System testing.
  • IEC Standards and Compliance.

Product Features Developed/Supported by Acclivis

  • STM32F100 based Controller Board platform.
  • Brushed DC motor closed loop control system.
  • Stepper motor open loop control system.
  • Support for different 400 stitches.
  • Software database for all the stitches.
  • Different stitching features.
    • Stitching speed control.
    • Dimension control.
    • Mirroring.
    • Reversing.
    • Sequence/Pattern generation.
  • Stepper motor-controlled thread cutting.
  • Over current protection module.

Tools and Technology

  • Firmware | ARM Keil uvision.
  • Development board | S32K144 EVB boards for initial development.
  • Hardware Design | Altium for schematic and layout development.
  • Simulation | IBM Rational Rhapsody.
  • Testing | JIRA and Python for test scripts.
  • Project Management Tools | Kanboard, Gitlab, Bitbucket.

Client Benefit

  • Increased profitability due to reduced BOM.
  • Modular and maintainable codebase with proper documentation which was not available earlier.
  • Faster Time to market for product as the product used Rhapsody Model driven development tool for automatic code generation.
  • Also due to Rhapsody the code had very less bugs as the code was auto-generated.
  • Complete Testing automation of the application code so reduced time for testing.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for all the multi-variant product as there is a single codebase.

System Architecture

Sewing Machine