Mobile based Object Detection
Category: Success Stories

Success Stories

Client Overview

A European robotic company.

Business Challenge

The client’s need was to develop a smart vision for detecting limited sets of objects for one of its robotic applications based on deep learning networks and image processing algorithms.

Acclivis Contribution

  • LSTM Layers library design and implementation.
  • Dataset Collection and generation.
  • Training and Testing of LSTM model.
  • LSTM trained model generation.

Product Features Developed/Supported by Acclivis

  • Object classification of more than 50+ objects.
  • Platform optimized.
  • Real time performance.

Tools and Technology

  • Image Processing | OpenCV.
  • PC model | Microsoft Visual studio.
  • Deep Learning Framework | Caffe, TensorFlow, MATLAB.
  • Android Development | Android Studio, OpenCV for Android.
  • Testing | JIRA.
  • Project Management Tools: Gitlab, Bitbucket.

Client Benefit

Acclivis light weight framework and optimized framework helped client to process the information from module in real time. This helped in increasing their operation capacity.

System Architecture