Vehicle Diagnostics
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Success Stories

Client Overview

Taiwan Automotive Tier -1 supplier.

Business Challenge

  • Client was looking for design house for supporting the vehicle side diagnostics design for their end solution, as off the shelf vehicle diagnostics devices or solutions does not support majority of the client’s requirements.
  • Vehicle side diagnostics design includes support for vehicle diagnostics communications modules / services over various vehicle interfaces like CAN 2.0, CAN FD, CAN SWC and K / L Line etc.
  • In additional to core vehicle diagnostics requirements, customize requirements around device security, device FOTA, host communication interface, power management where the part of the solution to be developed.
  • Solution also demands customized and high-performance hardware firmware interface design for communication between Application Host and Vehicle Diagnostics part of the heterogeneous solution.

Acclivis Solution

  • Vehicle Diagnostic & real time services – 32-bit MCU running FreeRTOS.
  • Interface & Protocol design for Application Host and Vehicle Diagnostics communication.
  • Vehicle Ignition detection.
  • Diagnostics Protocols: OBD II Protocol.
  • Vehicle Interface: CAN 2.0/CAN SWC / CAN FD, K Line, CAP TP.
  • Security features based on SHE (Secure hardware extension) compliance.
    • Secure Boot, Secure FOTA, Secure Rollback, Secure.
  • System Power Management: Multi-Sleep modes.
  • Accelerometer-based algorithms: Tow detection, Tilt detection.
  • System Alerts: Ignition ON / OFF, Low battery, Tow event, Device Power events, etc.

Acclivis Contribution

  • Requirements Traceability.
  • Board bring-up & BSP development.
  • Firmware design and development for,
    • Vehicle diagnostics communication protocols stacks over CAN 2.0 & K Line.
    • Auto-detection of vehicle communication interface.
  • Device Security & Components Design and development.
  • Device Power Management & Optimization.
  • Testing: Unit, Functional & System level testing.
  • Testing Automation.

Tools and Technology

  • Firmware | NXP S32 Design Studio for ARM
  • Development board | S32K144 EVB boards for initial development
  • Testing | ECU Simulator for in-house testing & Python for test scripts
  • QA & Test Automation | Robot framework
  • Project Management Tools | Kanboard, Gitlab, Bitbucket

Client Benefit

  • The development and integration of the customized vehicle diagnostics solution from Acclivis, instead of the off the shelf solution, benefited the customer in reducing the overall cost for required volume
  • Complete control over the design enabled the customer to customize and scale the current design for future requirements.

System Architecture