• FPGA Based Video


     Shimmer Removal

     Fog and Mist Removal

     Low Light Video Enhancement

  • Driver Monitoring System

    A single camera based system efficient enough to

    recognize most common distractions and give alerts

  • Woomer

    An AI based platform for development of

    ingenious voice applications and services

  • Smart Lighting

    Application based wireless lighting control


  • Annotation

    Inhouse annotation tool for multiple type of

    dataset generation

Excited to share our recently published Paper "PolyVerif: An Open-Source Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Validation and Verification Research Acceleration" in AVVC validation in IEEE Journal research papers. Click here to Download. Acclivis Technologies research project for the development of the framework for Verification of Autonomous Vehicles got published in Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) journal. The report is available at: https://www.avvc.net/edge-reports-bundle   Acclivis is working with Florida PolyTechnic University to develop a Test Suite and framework for Autonomous vehicle validation and testing.        Hardware development of Advance tracking platform having an interactive Audio interface for Automotive application.

Acclivis Technologies is a high-end services company managed by technically qualified professionals with collective experience of more than 200 man-years in product engineering services with custom solutions to meet the client requirements.Acclivis believe that processes are the key of successful deliveries and therefore, Acclivis follows well defined industry processes for software and hardware development, testing, maintenance and sustenance projects.

Focus Industries


Machine Vision based Advanced driving assistance systems, Body Electronics, Infotainment Systems.

Consumer Electronics

Re-engineering of existing systems, hardware design, firmware design, BOM optimization and feature enhancement

Industrial Automation

System design, System Modelling, Sensor Integration, Motor Control systems, IoT connectivity enhancement


People counting, Behavioural Analytics, Retail Analytics and monitoring, Crowd Monitoring

Security & Surveillance

Predictive Analysis, Behavioural Analytics, Object Detection, Incident Detection, Vision based fire detection

Medical & Healthcare

Firmware design, Camera based patient monitoring, Blind Assistance system, Camera based remote diagnostics.


Processes Followed By Acclivis

We at Acclivis have standardized and well-defined software quality assurance processes, which we implement and follow to ensure product and service consistently complies with customer expectations.