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Lighting solutions based on industry and applications are catching up fast. Smart lighting solutions can go beyond their regular applications and convey multiple messages to the authorities and users.

Acclivis provides lighting solutions involving LED/controllers/hardware board (ballast)/connectivity/App which can be integrated with many different services and are next generation of solutions. These solutions can be used both in domestic and commercial purposes for multiple use cases.

  • Controlling and monitoring individual / scene / zone based lighting         devices over local WIFI network
  • Auto-discovery discovery mechanism for discovering lighting devices
  • Embedded lightweight HTTP Webserver for provisioning the device
  • Lighting Control Features:
    Light On / OFF Control, Dimming Control, Smart Multi-Channel                    Control
    Monitoring current power , total power or wattage consumed by                     each light device
    Alert System for lighting faults - Short Circuit, Over Temperature,                    Open Circuit
  • Automatic Light Control based on external sensors:
    Automatic light Control and dimming based on Ambient Light.
    Automatic light Control based on Occupancy Sensor
    Automatic light Control based on Noise detection