The application performs detection and classification of the traffic speed sign detection and classification . This application uses below processing modules to perform detection and classification.

  • Image Pre-processing module
  • Deep Learning module
  • Classification module

Detection and extraction of the region of interest (i.e. Speed Sign Circle ) is performed / implemented using image pre-processing modules , while Classification is performed using Deep learning module

Project Details

  • Language : C and C++
  • Platform : NVIDIA TK1
  • DL Newark : CNN VGG 16 NET
  • DL Network Layers : 16 Layer Network
  • Classifier : SoftMax
  • Number of classes : 10
  • Deep Learning Library : Caffe

Team’s Responsibilities

  • CNN Layers library design and implementation
  • Dataset Collection and generation
  • Design and Implementation of CNN Net
  • Training and Testing of CNN model
  • CNN trained model generation