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System Testing

System Testing

System Testing is the testing of a complete and fully integrated software product. Usually software is only one element of a larger computer based system.

Ultimately, software is interfaced with other software/hardware systems.System Testing is actually a series of different tests whose sole purpose is to exercise the full computer based system.

System testing of software or hardware is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements.

Acclivis follows following steps for complete testing of system

Requirements Study

  • Testing Cycle starts with the study of client’s         requirements
  • Understanding of the requirements is very         essential for testing the product

Test Case Design

  • Component Identification
  • Test Specification Design
  • Test Specification Review

Test Process Analysis

  • Test objective and coverage
  • Overall schedule
  • Standards and Methodologies
  • Roles and responsibilities of the team
  • Tools used

Test Process Analysis

  • Analysis done on the reports and improving the       application’s performance by implementing new         technology and additional features

Test Closure

  • Test summary report
  • Project De-brief
  • Project Documentation