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Rhapsody Overview

IBM Rational provides enterprise solutions for real-time embedded application development using IBM Rational Rhapsody. Rational Rhapsody is a modelling environment based on UML. It's a visual development environment for software developers who are creating real-time or embedded systems software. Rational Rhapsody uses graphical models to generate software applications in various languages including C, C++, and Java and C #.

Overall the Rhapsody solution helps improve quality, reduce time-to-market and increase productivity vastly.

Acclivis Capabilities

Acclivis has a team of dedicated experts to customize and adapt IBM Rhapsody solution to a particular embedded platforms. We have expertise on customizing Rhapsody to platforms like STM, TI, and Intel etc. for time critical applications.

Acclivis provides solutions for the development of embedded real-time systems using IBM Rational Rhapsody. Our team has expertise on Rhapsody for embedded platforms as well as PC based applications. We design and architect optimized Rhapsody models for various embedded platforms which require real time execution. We have extensive experience on implementing Rhapsody UML models like Architecture diagram ,Class Diagram, Object Diagrams, Sequence, State chart etc.

The Rhapsody application developed by our tools is highly modular and scalable. Just by customizing the Hardware abstraction layer for particular platform all the application and middleware layers can be easily ported on different hardware platforms

Benefits of Model driven programming approach

  • Rapid prototyping of the system
  • To track requirements traceability
  • Design specifications reviews
  • It helps by enabling better team collaboration
  • Automatic documentation generation

Application areas

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Industrial Automation


  • A team of proven experienced resources
  • Extremely competitive man-hour rates
  • Flexible onsite and offshore Service model

Rhapsody Application