Hardware Features

  • Unit weight less than 500gms
  • Wall mount single unit housing camera, finger scanner, smart card reader, LCD display and Keypad
  • Battery backup included so that handheld functionality can also be incorporated.

Android Features

  • Android BLE and WIFI Framework - Connectivity
  • Android database framework using MySQL - Local Dbase
  • Android Sensor framework - Biometrics sensor integration
  • Android Input framework - Touchscreen integration

Team’s role

  • Linux device drivers development for display , touchscreen , RFID and fingerprint sensor.
  • Multi-threaded Linux based application development and implementation
  • Biometrics authentication technologies implementation
  • Enabled android stack on platform
  • Embedded GUI – GTK and QT developed and optimized for performance


  • Use of device as a wall mounted entry and exit attendance recorder during work shifts.
  • Random checks as device is mobile and can be carried to secured places to check unauthorized entry