IOT, Cloud and Mobility

Service IOT, Cloud and Mobility

Experience Overview

  • Experience with all facets of IoT solution
  • MCU, Security, Sensors and Connectivity
  • Enabling product for IoT and cloud connectivity
  • Product Compliance testing: RoHS migration
  • Digital Transformation Service
  • Hardware Design, Embedded Software, Application Software and Mobile Apps
  • ARM based MCU’s (TI, NXP, Microchip etc)
  • ZigBee Mesh, Blue tooth and Wi-Fi wireless networking connectivity for lighting applications
  • Security encryption, authentication and validation
  • Customize (develop & Test) of Android and iOS based application
  • IOT Sensor node platform design and development for various lighting devices
  • IOT Protocol stack development for lighting devices - CoAP , MQTT , HTTP , M2M
  • Deep Learning integration with systems

IoT Securities Capabilities

  • The team has deep understanding of how the root of trust can be established between the manufacturer and OEMs.
  • A non-production secure boot solution can be developed which consist of Embedded Firmware as well PC based applications. This boot later can be deployed in production.
  • Hands on experience in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Based on initial feasibility study and requirements various ECC libraries can be and evaluated and best suited can be used. Benchmarking of various ECC functionalities to measure the performance, memory and power consumption.
  • ECC functionalities can be used across the project for client server communication or/and with external world through any communication protocol.
  • Secure boot framework can be used with existing projects/products with minimal modifications.
  • Benchmarking figures of various ECC functionalities that can be used to estimate the performances.