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The image and video analytics science has scaled with advances in machine vision, multi-lingual speech recognition and rules-based decision engines. Intense interest exists in prescriptive analytics driven by real-time streams of rich image and video content. Acclivis has team of experts which provides cutting edge solutions in this domain ranging from simple image optimization to complex video sequence analytics.

Core Competencies Includes

  • Expertise in FPGA based board design, development, fabrication & testing IP development and full solution development for imaging applications and camera development (CMOS, SWIR, MIWR and LWIR)
  • Expertise in algorithm development, simulation and implementation etc for video & image processing applications.
  • Expertise in Video and image processing IP development for color and monochrome camera.
  • Experience in modeling, simulation, analysis, design & development of, MWIR, LWIR (cooled and uncooled) and SWIR camera
  • Expertise in providing end to end solutions for product realizations: from concept to implementation by reducing time to market
  • Development and realization of special image processing requirements such as improved vision capability under degraded weather condition such as fog, mist, haze and turbulence

Single Frame Image Debluring

Haze Removal Algorithms

Low Light Level Improvement

Medical Imaging


Input Image MRI of Brain with 2 dB SNR


Modified Output