Image Processing and Machine Vision

The image and video analytics science has scaled with advances in machine vision, multi-lingual speech recognition and rules-based decision engines. Intense interest exists in prescriptive analytics driven by real-time streams of rich image and video content.

Acclivis has team of experts which provides cutting edge solutions in this domain ranging from simple image optimization to complex video sequence analytics.

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Core competencies include:

  • Understanding of Image processing domain
  • Hands on experience in Medical, IR, SAR (RADAR) and optical images
  • Knowledge of designing algorithms and imaging systems
  • Machine vision/imaging systems in manufacturing, security, defense, medical and inspection
  • Analytics, target tracking and recognition
  • Image modeling, data fusion, streaming, codecs and transcoding
  • Crowd movement monitoring and abnormal patterns

The image processing and analytic team of acclivis has strong mathematical and optics background. The team in past has designed multiple solutions from conceptualization to final deliveries that include porting on target platform and time optimization.