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Home Security & Information System


  • Widget based UI on touch screen device and web portal (similar to         iGoogle)
  • Complete control of devices such as lighting and thermostat from         touch screen and web portal
  • Custom notification rules for alarms and everyday events that suits an         individual’s lifestyle
  • Remote arm/disarm facility
  • Wi-Fi camera and devices support
  • Live video streaming from home on the web portal with a facility of         taking snapshots

  • Board Bring up
  • Linux Support Package (mobilinux) for Freescale i.MX31
  • QNX BSP for i.MX31
  • Device Drivers development and porting: MMC/SD, Touch Screen LCD,         GSM, GPRS, RTC, USB Gadget
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Porting WebKit on QNX 6.3
  • 2D (pango) & 3D (cairo) open source graphics library integration with         Hardware Accelerators
  • GUI Development of GTS, Subscriber Portal, Mobile portal &         Management Portal