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Acclivis is designing hardware & firmware for next generation product of its client who is a leader in creating ecosystems of medical solutions.

Acclivis has been selected by one of the leading hand gesture recognition companies of the europe to provide solution

Acclivis offer Product feature enhancement service to Global telematics company for its Indian telemetry product

Obsolete component replacement and a low-cost drop-in replacement for telematics product without changing the hardware form factor. This helps customer to increase product sale longevity by 1.5 years

Firmware optimization is carried out for performance enhancement and memory utilization done. This establishes on-time data available for the user. In addition to this customer now can provide additional software feature within the same hardware

Simulator that validate 450+ stitch with point 1mm resolution ( IP is with acclivis )

Image based surface crack detection & analysis for concrete structural on MindSphere , as well as public cloud.

Developed image annotation tool for camera images to be used in autonomous vehicle

working on LIDAR & multiple camera fusion tool with auto annotation

Ford’s OpenXC Vehicle diagnosis on STMicro STM32L4 based platform

Ford’s Smart Device Link on NXP IMX 8 platform

Demonstrated J2534 Vehicle PassThrough capabilities on STMicro STM32L4 based platform to a Telematics Vendor

Smart Device Link Simulator for SDL app developers on NXP IMX8 & SunPlus platform

All weather camera based reverse parking with object detection , speed estimation & offsticals detection on TK1 and NXP IMX 8

Driver behaviour analysis like sleepy, on mobile,smoking, looking out of window, yawning & talking to the passengers implemented on TK1 & soon to be release NXP IMX 8 platform

Sensor Acquisition & AWS Cloud connectivity on Cypress PSOC 6 WICED platform. Soon on STMicro STM32L based platform, real time data acquisition from multiple sensor, platform usefull for cold chain management & other application requiring continuous variable monitoring.

Demonstrated Mindsphere IOT platform connectivity on IMX 8 platform to Siemens Soon on STMicro STM32L based platform

AWS Green Grass services on NXP IMX 8 platform

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focus Industries

Consumer Electronics

Re-engineering of existing systems, harware design, firmware design, BOM optimization and feature enhancement.


People counting, Behavioural Analytics, Retail Analytics and monitoring, Crowd Monitoring

Security & Surveillance

Predictive Analysis, Behavioural Analytics, Object Detection, Incident Detection, Vision based fire detection

Medical and Healthcare

Firmware design, Camera based patient monitoring, Blind Assistance system, Camera based remote diagnostics

Industrial Automation

System design, System Modelling, Sensor Integration, Motor Control systems, IoT connectivity enhancement


Machine Vision based Advanced driving assistance systems, Body Electronics, Infotainment Systems

Why Acclivis?



Acclivis strongly believes that partnership build on trust and assurance. Acclivis solutions are tailored to fit custom needs of client's industries & processesp>


Passion For Solution

Acclivis believes that the problem of the client can be solved with passion & research. Team Acclivis has strong orientation to challenge complex problem and find out a suitable solution.


Quality and Reliability

Acclivis focus is always on quality & reliability of services. One of the major activity that Acclivis carry out before starting a project is to understand the quality expectation of client & integration with followed processes.



Acclivis believes that wins are achieved by motivated & customer focus team. Team Acclivis believes in winning the game for customers via collaborative efforts of all the teammates.


Acclivis had worked with many clients and we always seek their feedback and inputs on our service.Have a look at what our clients said about us.

We have worked with Acclivis engineers in the field of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and found their engineers to be very capable of understanding the difficult concepts involved and to implement them
Japanese Company

We are working with Acclivis since last 18 months and found them as professional, technically strong and result oriented team

Director Technology
USA Company

Acclivis has a great technical knowledge and are in the forefront of new technologies. Acclivis are customer focused with a great focus on delivering high quality and delivery precision. The company has found Acclivis to be an excellent long-term partner when it comes to outsourcing and support for new- and existing projects

German Company
We are working with Acclivis on dynamic requirements and challenging delivery schedule in embedded automotive domain. Acclivis has delivered all milestones successfully. The quality of work, engineering support and documentations all are meeting our high expectations. The flexible approach, technical leadership and process adherence of Acclivis is indeed a clear demarcation. iTroll is happy to find such a worthy, long term offshore development partner in India.
Taiwanese Company
We have been working with Acclivis for 6 months on our customer projects on system software, machine vision and solutions. I am very pleased with the professionalism, technical ability and operational flexibility of the team, not to mention the quality and punctual delivery of the results. Acclivis is a great technology partner for a long-term strategic partnership
Managing Director
German Company

Processes followed by Acclivis

We at Acclivis have standardized and well-defined software quality assurance processes, which we implement and follow to ensure product and service consistently complies with customer expectations.

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