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Sewing Machine UI Simulator

UI Simulator is a software tool used to simulate the stitch patterns on graphs live before stitching it on actual machines. Test the pattern live means pattern data are being fetched live from backend stitch database and conversions of raw data to actual required mm values are converted live at run time.

Pattern output should be very accurate in terms of dimension to get the best quality result. Minimum distance between 2 points in pattern can be up to 0.25mm which is very difficult to figure out on actual cloth as the size of needle itself is of 0.1mm.

By using UI simulation, patterns can be verified with 0.1 mm errors also.

Sewing Simulation will get the inputs from user like pattern ID and its parameters such as width and length and more. After Pattern selected by user, App will fetch all the data from stitch data base according to selected pattern.

Sewing Machine UI Simulation Application

Features provided

  • More than 450 patterns to simulate.
  • Patterns Features such as Width and Length Adjustments, Pattern Mirroring,         Reverse Direction, Speed , Automatic Thread cut etc.
  • Pattern Sequence is one more feature to draw a multiple patterns in sequence         such as to stitch a name on cloth.

Pattern Mirroring Feature

UI Simulation with Pattern Sequence.

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